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In Two Worlds

. . .and belonging to neither

Between Two Worlds
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Are you a 2nd/3rd/4th generation (insert hyphenated-ethnicity here)?

Do you still maintain your language, ethnicity and culture, despite living in a different land for most or all of your life?

Do the people of your ethnicity in their homeland consider you to be of the place you live, but the people in the place you live consider you of your homeland?

If that didn't make sense, it's because I'm trying to be broad. I'll give a personal example.

I am 3rd generation Latvian-Canadian. I was born in Canada, and was raised in the ways of my Latvian heritage, language and culture, while still living in Canadian society. Canadians would consider me Latvian, since they saw me as so different from them, while Latvians wouldn't take me as one of their own because I grew up in Canada. Considered Latvian by Canadians, Canadian by Latvians.

Do you feel yourself in a split like that? In two worlds, yet belonging to neither?

Then this is the place for you. Chat with others who know how you feel, and understand your frustrations that you may feel. You are not alone.

First generation immigrants are welcome too, though this community is primarily geared towards those who have spent the majority of their lives in their 'host' country.

One rule: Be nice. No racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. or putting people down.

~your mod, kali_kali

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